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Maru Hall


An Artistic Theater with the Unique Satisfaction

Seating Arrangement

Maru Hall, GASC’s main performing venue, features a unique balcony combining the horseshoe and shoebox styles. The arrangement of seats, carefully positioned and tiered, ensures that the sightline to the stage is clear from anywhere in the theater. The laminate flooring helps optimize the sound quality, and the visual field is unencumbered thanks to the open floor plan.

Variable System

  • Variable Sound Effect Control
    Maru Hall has sound absorption banner consisting of ceiling banner and wall banner to offer the best sound effect according to a variety of performance such as a play, lecture, concert, musical and opera. The hall provides the first 1/10 scaled mock-up to fine tune the sound effect
  • Acoustical Reflectors
    • -Acoustical Reflector Panel (backward-retracting movable rail-panel)
      The acoustical reflector, used during musical performances, is the single-most critical stage component for the quality of sound. A good reflector panel must be massive and designed with precision. The acoustical reflector of Maru Hall, Korea’s first movable rail-style reflector panel, is built to carry heavy loads safely. More importantly, unlike systems whereby 70 or more battens hang from reflectors, this type of installation makes it easy to set up and remove the reflector, so that a performing venue can accommodate various performing events, serving as a multipurpose stage.
    • -G.F.R.G (gypsum panel)
      In Maru Hall, the ceiling, balcony and the side walls are finished with GFRG, a highly sound-reflexive material with outstanding casting capabilities. The result is an optimum acoustical environment.
  • Orchestra pitl
    The orchestra pit of Maru Hall can be used as an extension of the stage as well as audience seats. This versatilely-designed orchestra pit allows the stage to be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of performances and productions.

Acoustic Joint

To reduce the noise level and eliminate vibration in the audience section of the hall, acoustical joints are used to isolate it from the machine room and electricity room, located on the basement level and the climate control room, lighting equipment room, sound equipment room and restrooms on the same floor. The acoustical joints, creating a 150mm gap around the audience section, provide an effective buffer from noise and vibration.

Climate Control System

With this climate control system designed for large spaces, air is discharged from the air chamber located below the audience seats. The ventilation method is noticeably quieter than other systems, while remaining as effective