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Nuri Hall


Seating Arrangement

Its contemporary, square black box-style design makes Nuri Hall suitable for a variety of different types of performance. While chiefly used to stage plays for the moment, it is ready to serve as a concert hall, as the hall is equipped with an adjustable acoustical wall and a ceiling-affixed reflector panel. Retractable seats and gallery seats also contribute to the versatile use of this space..

Adjustable System

  • Stage Floor Lifts
    Nuri Hall’s six stage lifts make it possible to flexibly modify the stage to suit different production needs.
  • Retractable Seats
    The retractable seats allow the size and even the location and shape of the stage to be changed to accommodate a variety of productions, including plays, concerts and madanggeuk (outdoor plays).
  • Wall Curtainsl
    Wall curtains are used to modify the acoustical environment to make it suitable for performing art genres requiring a sound-absorptive environment rather than a sound-reflexive one. They also permit the adjustment of reverberation time inside the performance hall.

Sound plan

  • Acoustical Reflector Panel
    The ceiling-installed reflector panel optimizes the acoustical environment in Nuri Hall, an ideal facility for both plays and musical concerts.