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Yunseul Art Gallery

Facility Synopsis

윤슬미술관 전시모습


1010.96㎡(305.82 pyong)

M 제1전시실, 제2전시실 내부도


This art space, slightly over 1,000m2 (305 pyeong) in total floor area, comprises two exhibition rooms (712m2 / 216.3 pyeong, 3.6m in ceiling height and 292m2, width 48.8M, length 16.2M / 88.7 pyeong, 2.7m in ceiling height, width 24.3M, length 8.1M ), that may be rented together or separately, depending on the volume of exhibits.
Exhibition room I provides a setting ideal for classical fine arts exhibits, while Exhibition room II is great for smaller shows such as calligraphy or photography exhibitions.
Both rooms are equipped with a sound system for background audio and movable partitions for the convenience of exhibitors and viewers.

Tel : 82-55-320-1226