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Sports Center

Facility Synopsis

스포츠센터 내부모습

Lot size

31,325.09㎡(9,492 pyong)

Floor Area

10,018㎡(3,035 pyong)

Building Area



Nuri Hall

Facilities character

The 1,650m2 (500 pyeong) swimming pool offers an adult pool with six 25-m lanes and a wading pool with three 13m-lanes. This skylighted facility has a separate sunbathing area as well. These pools fed with purified water through a meolite polymer-based filtering system provide an optimal environment.

  • Adult pool 6x 25m lanes (depth 1.3m)
  • Wading pool 3 x 13m lanes (depth 0.6m)


Nuri Hall

Facilities character

This international-standard indoor ice skating rink, equipped with a giant scoreboard and seats for the audience, can be used year-round (the largest facility of its kind in the Busan/Gyeongnam area).

  • 30m x 61m
  • International-standard ice rink (ice hockey, short track)
  • No of seats: 464


Nuri Hall

Facilities character

  • For best sound effects, the facility is designed with an open ceiling and has an open view onto the swimming pool below.
  • The top-of-the-line audio equipment makes doing aerobics in this place a truly rewarding experience.
  • Supplied with a full gamut of equipment to allow the use of the aerobic floor for special programs such as ballet and yoga
  • The latest acoustical equipment and impact-absorptive flooring
  • 132㎡ (40 pyeong)


Nuri Hall

Members of the GASC Fitness Center exercise according to a program tailored exactly to suit their personal bodily profile. Using IN BOBY, one of the latest body composition analyzers, the trainers assess the health status of each member to design an appropriate exercise program. All members can receive health checks on a regular basis.

  • 264㎡ (80 pyeong)
  • 92 units of exercise equipment of 54 varieties including running machines (27 units of aerobic units)
  • Scientific exercise regimes based on body composition analysis


Nuri Hall

Facilities character

  • This golf range with tiered skylights feels open and is very far from an ordinary indoor facility of its kind.
  • Two of the nine bays are equipped with distance measurers, and one of them, a swing analyzer - 78 lockers available
  • 13m x 23.5m (92 pyeong)
  • 9 bays, simulation practice ground
  • Swing analyzer


Nuri Hall


Public sports center serves customers with its highly satisfactory service